CD Sale! I am currently selling portions of my Japanese CD collection. Click here to see what is available! Thanks for looking!

5/6/2014 Hello Hello! My CD sale is still going and I have recently updated the page with a lot of CDs. There's also a new deal on shipping - buy five CDs or more and shipping is free!

7/26/2012 Update: I've started selling some of the CDs that I have purchased over the years for the show. It's a wide mix of stuff and the sale is here. Please note purchasing any of these items will not fund an online version of NMC. The money from this sale will be used for paying bills and buying food. Thank you!

9/29/2011 Update: Hello and thank you for dropping by and checking on the status of NMC! Unfortunately at this time I lack the financial or technological resources to continue the show online. I really appreciate all of your support through the nearly nine years the show was on 88.5 and look forward to playing music for you all again soon.

Please note - I will not accept donation offers, as I cannot guarantee when I would be able to give you a show.

The drawing to the right was done by Mari from Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re. Used with permission.
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